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Question: What is a event planners conference?

Answer: Usually professional planner of parties or social events, as for corporate or government officials, in this case, anime conventions.



Pre-Registration $30.00 1/1/2011 until 2/1/2011

At-The-Door $35.00 


We will be joining Ushicon 2011 and sharing their facilities!


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What is the "Anime Event Planning Conference?"

        Where is this going to be happening?

When is it going to happen?


Because of the limited time and space, the decision has been made to offer up one track of programming at this time.

FridayRoom #1
1:30pmReality Meets the Road - You want to do an Anime Event, what does it that really mean?  A look at the commitment, costs, needed resources, knowledge and pitfalls.
3:00pmProgramming 101 - This is the first of three days dealing with what does it take to make programming successful.
SaturdayRoom #1
10:00amMarketing To The Masses - How to get the word out that you exist or how to further expand your customer base.
11:30amHotel or Convention Center Contracts, Pleasures and Pit Falls - We will examine various hotel and convention center contracts for the good, the bad and the ugly (hidden secrets).  
2:00pmProgramming 102 - The continuing examples and exercises for making successful programming matrix
4:00pmCapacity and Space - Looking for the indicators for when you have exceeded your convention or hotel's event space, what to do about it, options and making the tough decisions.  The hotel space or convention space has certain rules and requires forethought to avoid a nightmare.
SundayRoom #1
10:00amIt's a Matter of MONEY, how to make it Profitable! - You can have the most successful event in the World, but if you are not thinking in the terms of dollars and sense, you can still come up broke.
11:30amProgramming 103 - The last day of how to make programming successful for your event.
2:00pmBring Us Your Problems - A round table discuss that will deal directly with your issues, problems or complaints.  Bring it on!


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